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Big Trees [Slim Case]

Big Trees [Slim Case]


Big Trees [Slim Case]


Kirk Douglas plays timber baron, Jimmy Fallon, a manipulative businessman with a reputation for stepping over people and competitors to get what he wants.

Opportunity knocks in the form of a newly passed law that would allow him, and his competition, to go after California Redwood and make millions in the process. Conflict arrives in the form of a religious community who draw inspiration from these mighty trees, and Daisy (Patrice Wymore), an affecting woman who helps Fallon to look at the bigger picture. Drawn to their cause, Fallon soon finds himself locked in a deadly battle with former friends and competitors alike. Desperate to rid themselves of their adversary, Fallon’s enemies put Daisy, the community and trees themselves in great peril, all of which culminates in a terrific action-packed climax that will leave you glued to the edge of your seat.

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Kirk Douglas, Patrice Wymore

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