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Beverly Hillbillie

Beverly Hillbillie


Beverly Hillbillies - Volume 1


Classic B&W

Watch the ultimate rags to riches TV show that captivated audiences from 1962 - 1971. The Clampetts accidentally strike it rich when Jed shoots the ground while hunting and finds "black gold." Instead of staying in the countryside, this hillbilly family decides to move to Beverly Hills and hilarity ensues.

1. Back to Californny
Will Jed be able to pull off his dinner party for Paula and Jethrene when he has too many cooks in the kitchen?

2. Jed Pays his Income Taxes
Most people fear the IRS, but it is the IRS's turn to be scared when granny pulls out her gun!

3. Pygmalion And Elly
Sonny Drysdale plays many roles when he resumes his courtship of Elly.

Bonus Features:

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