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Beach Birds

Beach Birds


Beach Birds


Turn Your TV Into A Window To The World!

Set the mood by turning any room in your home into a showcase of living art!

Transport yourself to a sunny beachside spot, resting on a comfortable towel, as playful sea gulls scan the surging waves for treats. As you watch the surf break across the pristene sands, you'll be relaxing in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are relaxing alone, entertaining one other person, or an entire party, your Living Art Beach Birds DVD is perfect for all occasions.

All DVD videos are looped for continuous play and digitally mastered for your optimal viewing pleasure. Living Art is a proven method used to promote deep relaxation therapy and positive mood enhancement.

Shot in high definition. Audio Options: Choose the Natural Sounds of the scene; many cuts of relaxing music, or both!

Bonus Features:

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