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Barriers / Two Soldiers / 6:30 / Hard

Barriers / Two Soldiers / 6:30 / Hard


Barriers / Two Soldiers / 6:30 / Hard



When Tori, an affluent urban teen, befriends Snake, a streetwise kid from Harlem, his concerned parents hire Phil (Annie Golden) to be his nanny to watch out for him.  Soon Snake's older and more dangerous brother emerges and Phil realizes the job is much more involved than she ever imagined.  Quentin Crisp also stars as a strangely profound local deli owner to advise along the way.

Starring Jamaul Roots, Geoff Garcy, Quentin Crisp, Anni Golden, Derrick Roberts

Color, Drama, Approx 85 Minutes, Not Rated

William Faulkner's Two Solders

Based on the story by William Faulkner, Two Solders tells the inspirational and stirring tale of two brothers pulled apart by war.  Set in 1941, on the eve  of WWII, Faulkner's poignant coming-of-age story takes us on a young boy's heroic journey to reunite his family and do battle with the world that has torn it apart.  Originally published in the Saturday Evening Post, this uplifting story and it's faithful Academy-Award Winning adaption, are a loving homage to 'innocence lost' and unwavering devotion of those who continue to sacrifice for love and country.

Colo, Drama, Approx 40 Minutes, Not Rated

Six-Thirty (6:30)

Six-Thirty (6:30) is the powerful story of a rich, white, “All-American” 17 year-old named MORGAN (Ryan Bragg), who has it all and loses it all in 24 hours.  Morgan hails from a wealthy background.  He has the affluent home, successful parents, a new S.U.V., loyal friends, is the captain of the football team and has a gorgeous girl, BRIANNA (Cortnee Hastings).  Morgan, along with his two friends, Dillion (Josh Eddy) and B.J (Adam Gainey), decide to skip school on the last day of summer and head out to the beach for a day of carefree fun in the sun.  They get more than they bargain for.

Color, Action, Approx 78 Minutes, Not Rated


When a series of brutal killings of young male hustlers awakens the police to the threat of a serial killer, rookie detective Raymond Tates (Noel Palomaria) and his seasoned partner detective Tom Ellis (Charles Lanyer) battle an intolerant police department that is indifferent to these “misdemeanor killings.”  Jack (Malcolm Moorman) is the killing machine seeking out the runaways and other lost souls who gahter around the hot glow of Hollywood's neon underworld, leaving a wake of mutilated bodies behind him.

Color, Drama, Approx 101 Minutes, Not Rated

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