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Angel & The Badman / Blue Steel

Angel & The Badman / Blue Steel


Angel & The Badman / Blue Steel


Angel & The Badman

Quirt Evans is a low down, no good varmint.  His lawless way of life almost gets him killed, but he is nursed back to health by Penelope Worth, a compassionate Quaker girl.  In her love he sees the path to redemption, but soon finds himself having to choose whether to embrace her peaceful ways or go back to his old life of villainy.

Blue Steel

Sheriff Jack tracks down a man he suspects of robbery, only to have the wanted man save his life.  Although still suspicious, Jake joins up with him but later finds that Melgrove, the area's wealthiest citizen, is behind it all along.  It's up to the unlikely duo to stop Melgrove and his sinister scheme to take over the town.

Screen Format: 1

Director: James Edward Grant, Robert N. Bradbury

Actors: John Wayne, Gail Russell, Eleanor Hunt

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