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Angel And The Badman [Slim Case]

Angel And The Badman [Slim Case]


Angel And The Badman [Slim Case]


Classic B&W

John Wayne finds redemption, takes on bad guys, makes new friends and finds romance in this classic western filled with action, humor and adventure!

Left for dead, Quirt Evans (Wayne) is taken in by a kindly Quaker family and nursed back to health. While recuperating, Quirt falls in love with young Penny (Gail Russell), the daughter, who not only provides the romantic interest, but exerts a strong influence in converting Quirt to her family's religious lifestyle.

But Quirt has a dark past, which soon catches up to him in the form of former friends - a group of outlaws responsible for a string of robberies, and a suspicious Marshall (Harry Carey) determined to connect Quirt to these crimes. Only divine inspiration and the love of a good woman can prevent Quirt from reverting to his former lifestyle. Will Quirt give in to temptation, or will love win out in the end?

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