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Andy Griffith Show, Vol

Andy Griffith Show, Vol


Andy Griffith Show, Volume 2 [Slim Case]


1. Opie And The Spoiled Kid
The new kid in town is spoiled enough to think that he can walk all over the townsfolk - including Barney and Andy. However, all that changes when his bike gets impounded and his dad decides to sell it.

2. Rafe Hollister Sings
Rafe walks in on Barney practicing for the chance to represent Mayberry with a singing performance. When Andy hears Rafe sing along, he encourages the farmer to go to the tryouts. Rafe wins the spot, however the mayor and his wife are worried about Rafe's appearance and hold Andy personally responsible. It is now up to Andy to make sure Rafe's performance is a big hit.

3. Mountain Wedding
When Ernest T. Bass sets his mind to marrying Charlene Darling, it is Andy and Barney to the rescue. Ernest T is in for a surprise when he finds it is Barney who plays the role of the beautiful blushing bride.

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