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Anatolian Puzzle 2000 Piece - Fairytale Cottage

Anatolian Puzzle 2000 Piece - Fairytale Cottage


Anatolian Puzzle 2000 Piece - Fairytale Cottage

Pieces: 2000

Size When Assembled (Inches): 37.8x26

From the Box:

Anatolin “TThe Puzzle Of the World” is a line of rare and colorful puzzles imported from Turkey. Exquisite high quality, very detailed printing. The Anatolin line of puzzles offer many beautiful images of nature and every day life. There are famous locations like the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Grand Canal and many location in Turkey. Many puzzles also come from paintings, from ancient artists like Raphael and Michelangelo to newer ones like Monet, Long, Picasso, Renoir and even contemporary artists such as Josephine Wall and Dominic Davison. Great puzzle! Great Find! Great gift!

Dominic Davison, born in London in 1972, now lives in Buckinghamshire, UK where he gets his inspiration for his idyllic and romantic scenes. He has been creating art for many years and in this time built up a loyal fan base, which now spans worldwide.

Davison is inspired by the idyllic scenes and romanticism of these countries. He looks up to landscape masters such as Barend, Cornelis, Koekkoek, Ruisdael, and Constable and contemporary artists like Terry Redlin. Dominic has a strong interest in architecture, both American and European, adding wonderful details to his scenes of life in the city as well as in the mountains and at the seashore.

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