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American Perfekt, Dance with the Devil, Armstrong, Body Count

American Perfekt, Dance with the Devil, Armstrong, Body Count


American Perfekt, Dance with the Devil, Armstrong, Body Count


Death Game

High school basketball star Jackie Stewart (Bo Brown) is well on his way to becoming the next Michael Jordan.  But while Jackie's devoted coach (Joe Lara) recognizes the youth's potential for greatness, it's his profit potential that attracts the attention of rich, ruthless “businessman” Shakes Montrose (Billy Drago).  Reasoning that commercial control of Jackie will amount to a virtual gold mine, Shakes begin a sinister campaign to entice this kid from the streets with women, drugs, a sports car – anything that will convince him to put his future, and ultimately his soul, in Shakes hands.  Now, amidst a backdrop of violence and corruption, Jackie must choose between following his conscience and paying the ultimate price to follow his dreams.

Color / Approx. 96 Minutes / Rated R

Silent Force

The Silent Force is an ultra-secret branch of the U.S. Government's Drug Enforcement Agency whose training and experience makes them the ultimate fighting machines.  Unknown and untouchable, they strike with blinding professionalism and deadly accuracy.  There is only one problem: Hue Gung Poa.  Poa is the leader of an Asian ring of international drug dealers who has made it his life mission to completely eliminate the Silent Force.  Leading a brutal crusade, he is finally able to wipe out the entire unit, that is, except for Agent Frank Sevens.  Filled with a thirst for revenge, Stevens will stop at nothing to bring down the Poa empire.  His only help and anchor of security is Nancy Woo, a beautiful undercover agent who has infiltrated Poa's organization.

Color /  Approx 86 Minutes / Not Rated

Shark in a Bottle

The mailman just got postal!

When Guy's (Nucci) career got off track he was forced to consider other options.  But things took a turn for the worst when he was blamed for a crime he didn't commit.  Now he's discovering sometimes even a second rate hit man has to take a shot... at something eventually.  This time the threat is real for guy who wants out.  To save himself, he must take one the assassins.

Staring Danny Nucci, Ben Gazzara, Hiep Thi Le, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister / Color / Action / Approx. 95 Minutes / Recommended for Mature Audiences 15 Years and Older

The Effects of Magic

The effects of magic begin with misdirection; the rest is in the hands of the magician.  Roody, son of a great and absentee magician runs a costume company whit his slightly eccentric mother.  But his pet rabbit (who narrates the story) decides it's time Roody had a change from business and entertaining the little neighbor girl with slight-of-hand tricks he stores in the basement.  So, the bunny arranges for him to meet a young woman who could also use an alternate from the way her life has been going.  However, all plans are put off when Roddy's father returns for the mysterious magic cabinet that used to be part of his act.  With all these twists in his life, Roody starts to remember how magic can affect everyone.

Color / Drama / Approx. 87 Minutes / Rate PG

Actors: Bo Brown, Danny Nucci

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