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Amazing Adventure [Slim Case]

Amazing Adventure [Slim Case]


Amazing Adventure [Slim Case]


Cary Grant plays Ernest Bliss, a bored heir to a rich family, who comes to equate his boredom with the fact that he has never had to really work for anything in his life. Seeking help, Bliss consults a doctor who prescribes for him the task of earning his keep for one year, without being able to draw upon the family fortune. A bet of fifty thousand pounds act as a security to keep bliss on the prescribed path. Of course, this being a Cary Grant film, love intervenes in the form of Frances Clayton (played by Mary Brian), a less than well-off woman trapped in an unhappy marriage. Will Bliss tap into the family wealth to save his lady friend, and thus lose the bet? The answer to this question takes he form of an amazing adventure that fans of both romance and classic films are sure to enjoy.

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Cary Grant, Mary Brian

Bonus Features:

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