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Alone In A Haunted House / Blinded By The Blood

Alone In A Haunted House / Blinded By The Blood


Alone In A Haunted House / Blinded By The Blood


Alone in A Haunted House

Would you spend the night in a huanted mansion? How about all by yourself?

To make this documentary, Joshua P. Warren, author of "How To Hunt Ghosts" spent an entire night alone in an eerie haunted house. You will see ghostly manifestations and hear spectral audio recordings. Aside from follwoing Warren on his chilling adventure, you will also learn the basics of ghost hunting. He shows and demonstrates a number of paranormal tools including: EMF meters, still and video cameras, night vision scopes, infared scanner, electrostatic generators, strobe lights and more!

Warrent explains the relationship between electricity and ghosts. Using electricity, he moves objects without physically touching them, creates brilliant light forms, and explains what ghostly orbs may be. No paranormal investigator's library is complete without Joshua P. Warren's historic one-man production. Alone In A Haunted House.

Blinded By The Blood

Director Tim Ritter hosts Blinded By The Blood: The Making of Killing Spree, which details how Ritter made his cult horror film. Beginning with the preproduction processes of scripting and casting, special attention is given to how the gore effects of the film were achieved. The filmmaking procedure is followed all the way through distribution. Blinded By The Blood is an inside look at the process of low-budget filmmaking, and is an inspiration to anyone with a desire to make films b showing how it can be done on the cheap.

Actors: Joshua P. Warren, Tim Ritter

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