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All About - The Ultimate Collection V2

All About - The Ultimate Collection V2


All About - The Ultimate Collection V2


The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2

Boats & Ships

Ahoy, Mates! Set out to sea in boats made for work and boats made for fun.  You'll pull and push huge ships with a Tugboat.  Carry oil and gas in a Super Tanker.  Use a claw-like crane to load containers onto a huge Container Ship. Then climb aboard a ship that drives on land and floats in the ocean.  Go underwater in a secret submarine.  You'll also see what it's like aboard a Coast Guard Cutter, Navy Cruiser, hovercraft and aircraft carrier.  Then relax on a yacht, boat, speedboat, sailboat and cruise ship.  Let's set sail! (Color / Approximately 33 Minutes)


Get under the hood and get your hands dirty!  This revved-up ride takes you through a day at the garage.  You'll see how the pros change a tire, change the oil, analyze an engine and even get a car squeaky clean!.  With pit stops at a service bay, gas station and car wash, you'll use tough-guy tools like an air impact wrench, hydraulic jack and electronic engine analyzer.  By the end of your automotive adventure, you'll know your way around a car like a real life car mechanic! (Color /  Approximately 32 Minutes)


Hop in the driver's seat and take a magic ride with Hard Hat Harry, the construction genie, as he shows you the “biggest, baddest, most awesomest construction equipment in the whole wide world”: bulldozers, excavators, clam diggers, forklifts, compactors, pile drivers, trackhoe buckets, barrier movers, and an off-road dump truck that's so heavy it would crack a road in two just by driving over it! (Color / Approximately 60 Minutes)

Fire Engines

It's four-alarm fun learning about engines, ladders, and much more as you find out what it's like to be on that big red truck, rushing out to fight a fire on an exciting, fun-filled video trip with real firefights.  Watch in awe as they use a tower ladder and bucket to battle a blaze, find out how to work the truck's controls, hook a hydrant up to a pumper, and even spend some time with the firehouse mascot, Spot! (Color / Approximately 26 Minutes)


You're in the driver's seat with big rigs, small trucks, and everything in between!  Take a road trp in a big 18-wheeler and see what it's like to sleep in the cab, hook up the trailer and even talk to other truckers on the CB radio!  Scoop up big snow drifts in a slow plow.  Pick up huge dumpsters with the robot arms of a garbage truck.  Then get behind the wheel of neat specialty trucks like a street sweeper, tanker truck and cherry picker.  Hop on in and let's ride (Color / Approximately 30 Minutes)

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