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Alien Abduction 2004

Alien Abduction 2004


Alien Abduction 2004


Children and adults all over the world, for many years have been claiming to be the victims of ALIEN ABDUCTION. With a majority of society doubting the existence of life on other planets and the mainstream news media refusing to report anything related to UFOs or aliens, the public has been deprived of knowing what really is happening in the darkness of the night.

Dr. Roger Leir, a world famous ufologist, will take you into the world of alien abductions and show you actual live footage of alien implants being surgically removed from the bodies of alleged alien abductee victims. Follow Dr. Roger Leir through his extensive research as he takes the alien implants to be tested by some of the most experienced and respected scientists in America. Watch the scientists evaluate and analyze the strange objects removed from alleged alien abductees as the scientists confirm the implants are not from planet Earth.

Also included in the production is a detailed report from alien abductees that has videotape footage of an alien creature entering his bedroom by walking through the wall. The pictures of the alien creature will shock you!

ALIEN ABDUCTION, winner of the "Best documentary in a UFO related field" by the EBE Awards, is a production that all skeptics and believers must watch because everybody needs to know the truth.

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