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Adventures Of Skippy, Vol. 2

Adventures Of Skippy, Vol. 2


Adventures Of Skippy, Vol. 2


G'day mate! Skippy here. I'm your lovable kangaroo from down under. Come and have a gander at my collection of adventures with me mates from Habitat. What's Habitat you say? Why it's an onkey-dorey animal reserve near Waratah National Park in Sydney, Australia, where blow-ins (tourists) come to see Aussie animals like me. I'm no boomer, but me mum says I'm a bonzer too - that means that I may not be the biggest kangaroo in the bush, but she thinks I'm terrific. I'd dare say me mates think so too. Not to big note myself, but I help protect the reserve from nasty smugglers, repellant rustlers, and even escaped convicts! From the coast, to the bush, to the back of beyond, my mates and me run off any bushrangers (outlaws) we come across. But in the end, she'll be apples! (That means everything will be alright.) So join me, Skippy, and all my pals on the exciting journeys and hum-dinger adventures that come our way. Hope to see you soon! Cheerio, cobber! (That means see you later, friend).

Skippy and the Penfriend
Skippy and the Balloon
Skippy and the Easter Bunny
Skippy and the Vandals
Skippy and the Pirates
Skippy and the Miss Jack Horner
Skippy and the Wheelie
Skippy and the Cowboy
Skippy and the Runaway
Skippy and the Fishing Fleet
Skippy and the Roos
Skippy and the Bushfire
Skippy and the Surf Club

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