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Action Classics: 4 Movies 2 DVDs

Action Classics: 4 Movies 2 DVDs


Action Classics: 4 Movies 2 DVDs



Staring Christopher Walken, Hywel Bennet, Marita Marschall.  Directed by Nathaniel Gutman.

Don Stevens (Christopher Walken), is an American journalist reporting on the Beirut conflict.  He digs deeper into the politics of his assignment after accidently interviewing a fake PLO leader.  Surrounded b tragedy, violence and death, Stevens struggles to stay focused on the events her's covering.

1987 / 99 Minutes / Color

Mission: Monte Carlo

Staring Roger Moore, Tony Curtis, Annette Andre, Susan George.  Directed by Roy Ward Baker.

A spy adventure with a mix of playboy secret agents and sneaky gold smugglers set on the French Riviera.  Roger Moore is a British nobalman and Tony Curtis plays a brash millionaire.

1976 / 90  Minutes / Color

The Swap

Staring Robert De Niro, Jennifer Warren, Martin Kelly.  Directed by Jordan Leondopoulos.

A man goes on a desperate hunt for the killer of his younger brother!

Color / 85 Minutes / 1969

Out Of the Blue

Starring Dennis Hopper, Eric Allen, John Anderson, Raymond Burr, Sharon Farrell, Don Gordon.  Directed by Dennis Hopper.

A truck driver served a five-year jail term for the crime of drinking and driving into a busload of school shildren.  Once released from prison, he seeks out his wife and daughter hoping to rebuild his family.

Color /  93 Minutes / 1980

Screen Format: 1

Actors: Christopher Walken, obert De Niro, Roger Moore, Dennis Hopper

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