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Abduction            [Slim Case] and N

Abduction [Slim Case] and Non Slimcas




Kate Findlay (Victoria Principal - Dallas) is one of those women who seems to have it a all - great job, two bright, loving children and a terrific guy. Her only problem is an ex-husband who never quite got used to being the ex.

Paul (Robert Hays - "Airplane I, II") has started to stalk her. He is a man slowly losing touch with sanity and he has reduced Kate to barricading doors with furniture and double-checking locks.

Their relationship is painted through flashbacks featuring everything from their honeymoon night, to the accident that dismissed him from the police force. This event marked the unraveling of their marriage, and of Paul in general.

With little help from the police, Kate's life has become one of waiting . . . waiting for freedom and waiting for this maniac to slip up enough to warrant an arrest. The time arrives sooner than she fears as she finds herself trapped in a terrible situation with the man who has her where he wants her: with him and no one else.

Based on a true story.

Screen Format: 1

Director: Larry Peerce

Actors: Victoria Principal, Robert Hays, Christopher Lawford, William Greenblatt, Tabitha Lupien

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